Note that this list is pretty Mac-centric, but I’m sure you can find Windows alternatives with some clever Googling.

Mandatory apps:

  • Sublime Text 3 – the best text editor ever
  • Chrome – preferred browser
  • Transmit – for FTP
  • MAMP – a server for your local computer (this will make sense later!)

Recommended apps:

  • Spectacle – move windows around with keyboard shortcuts
  • Sip – the cutest color picker
  • Pocket – for bookmarking links
  • Evernote – for notes
  • Panda – very pretty Chrome home page with feeds from Designer News and Dribbble
  • Alfred – for quickly opening applications on your computer
  • Little Ipsum – Latin text generator
  • 1Password – password management ($60 but totally worth it)

Subscribe to these:

  •  – daily email list with excellent design and dev links, it’s awesome
  • CSS Weekly – weekly list of CSS and front-end dev resources, articles, and tips
  • Smashing Newsletter – monthly a roundup of Smashing Mag. articles and much more!
  • Lara’s Newsletter – if you want to! I announce workshops and send out helpful links every now and then.

Sites to follow:

  • A List Apart – THE web design publication
  • CSS-Tricks – trips and tricks for writing CSS and other front-end. Very well written tutorials and code snippets
  • Smashing Magazine – fantastic magazine with tutorials, viewpoints, you name it!
  • Lara’s Delicious Feed – basically my compilation of various findings from the rest of this list

Book recommendations:

Free web design stuff:

  • The Stocks – collection of free stock photo websites
  • Subtle Patterns –  Lots of pretty and …wait for it… subtle patterns for backgrounds and whatnot.
  • Icomoon – icons!
  • Unheap – collection of jQuery plugins
  • Adobe Kuler – nice color scheme designer
  • Design Patters on CodePen – nice copy/paste bits of code for common elements .

Link dumps:


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