We can walk through writing jQuery until the cows come home, but that’s doesn’t really teach you what it does. During class time we will learn the concepts behind the code (through silly metaphors as you will see) – once you understand how something works, there nothing holding you back from making it work! Except syntax errors, of course.

In a nutshell, coding is about problem solving and learning the art of self-teaching. It’s about understanding how to be really frustrated when nothing works, then breaking through that frustration over and over and making something awesome. Through the lens of web development, that’s what you’ll learn in this class.

The Plan

Let’s refer to it this as a plan rather than a syllabus, that way it’s friendlier to adjustment as the course goes on. I’m also not putting in dates for now, let’s see how everything goes!

What we will cover

You want some acronyms and buzzwords? Here they are!

  • HTML5
  • Nitty Gritty CSS
  • Responsive and Mobile First Design
  • Programming concepts
  • jQuery and JavaScript
  • Templating with PHP
  • CMSs
  • Preprocessors, modern tools
  • UI/UX best practices

Note that these are what we are projected to cover – the order and content are subject change as the course progresses.


Before each class, I’ll post an agenda for the day. Afterwards, I’ll update the post with any additional content we covered so it can be a nice reference for you. Keep an eye on it! You’ll also be writing your own posts as part of homework.


Yes, there will definitely be homework! It’s essential to spend time outside of class in order to really learn this stuff. That being said, homework will consist of the following:

  • Tutorials – these will familiarize you with topics before we cover them in class, that way you have your footing ahead of time.
  • Findings – At the beginning of each class, we will take a look at links and various findings from throughout the week. This * will get you in the habit of staying on top of the changing web landscape.
  • Checklists – Huge lists of challenging and non-challenging todos. I’ll give you a set of starter files, and you’ll receive a big checklist of your very own to work through.
  • Blog posts – Occasionally you will write short blog posts about something you’ve figured out, or maybe a reading response.

Final Project

This is twofold:

  • Make something you want to make – This it totally open ended. We’ll talk about it and I can help you hone down the scope to make sure it’s feasible.
  • Write a tutorial – This can be about your final project, or anything really! You’ll post it on the blog.

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